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Executive Summaries

Short Executive Summary

The Core Issue of median sternotomy is that, until now the procedure is conducted mostly with a saw, which leads to long recovery times, prolonged chest pain and a high complication rate.

The Vision is to provide an efficient, innovative, accurate, high quality patented product for median sternotomy.

The Product SLM is a surgical instrument for use in the operating room. It includes 3 main parts:

1. Optical part, which includes the laser, the optical interface, and the illumination optics for imaging as well as the software for image analysis during surgery.

2. Control system for optical part movement control

3. Auxiliary hardware and software, including ventilation and auxiliary cutting fiber optic Instruments

The Advantages of SLM are given the smaller and accurate surgical cut, the recovery time is dramatically reduced, pain will be minimized and the complication rate will be much less compared with the current approach. As a result, the cost of the whole process will be considerably reduced.

They estimated Market Potential is at least US$22 billion. The real device price today is US$ 250k, while the number of operating rooms in the US is 36,000, which is approximately 40% of the worldwide amount.

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Executive Summary
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